About This Site

Hello, I'm Rob, the creator of Plan & Shop. When I first made this site, it was for my own benefit. I had signed up to The Bodycoach SSS Plan and found that planning my week was very time consuming. I decided there had to be an app for this!

After searching around, I couldn't really find anything that did what I wanted, so I decided to make my own. The first incarnation of the website had people paste their recipes in and generate shopping lists. This worked for quite a few people, but it was still time consuming and off-putting for people. Fast forward 2 years later and the site can now:

  • Import recipes directly from a Bodycoach PDF
  • Tag recipes in order to organise your recipes more easily
  • Share shopping and plans with a friend (handy if you are working with a partner)
  • Tweak recipe quantities (handy to use old recipes and to maintain after you finish the plan)
  • See the macro/calorie breakdown for most recipes and your days.
  • Import workouts, with a built in HIIT trainer
  • Edit a Pantry list, to save deleting common ingredients from shopping

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