User Guide

You may want to watch this video which will take you through the sites basic features:

Importing from a PDF

Click the Recipes menu at the top, then click Import from PDF. On mobile phones, the PDF should be stored on your phone. iPhones, you need to use the 'Files' section, not iBooks.

At the moment the site can only recognise Bodycoach PDFs

Adding a Custom Recipe

  1. The best method is to use the Recipe Wizard. Paste your ingredients here (make sure each ingredient has its own line) and then click Let's Go
  2. Double check your ingredients and their quantities. Occasionally an ingredient doesn't match, click the icon and search for it manually. Ingredients are generally stored by their plural name, therefore you will get better results search for the plural of an item. E.g, for Apple try searching Apples.
  3. That's it! Optionally, you can then paste your original ingredients list (always handy as it may include important prep instructions), paste a method and perhaps upload a picture.

Planning your week

This is fairly straight forward, create a new plan and then drag your cards into place. On a mobile, simply tap on the slot you wish to add to, then select from the recipe pop-up.

Batch Cooking / Portion Control
clicking this icon allows you to specify how many portions you will be cooking in this section. This is useful if you are making things ahead. If you have items already made, you can change this to 0... this means it appears on your plan but it won't appear on your shopping list.

Creating a shopping list

From the plan screen, press create shopping list. Your ingredients will automatically be merged from your chosen recipes.

Merging Ingredients

Clicking this icon toggles the merge feature. Occasionally you may have added recipes that have the same ingredients, but maybe listed different. e.g White Onion, Small Onion. You can merge ingredients by clicking this button, then pressing another ingredient to merge into. Tip: On larger screens, you can simply drag and drop to merge.

Removing Ingredients

Clicking the trash can removes the item from your shopping list. (Useful if your recipe contains pointless ingredients such as water or ice!).

Checking your cupboards

Check your cupboards and type into the text box the amount you already have 'in stock'. The total will automatically decrease. Once you've made all the changes to your shopping list, make sure you press 'save' in order to save any changes to the layout or ingredients 'in stock'.

Clicking view or share automatically saves your list

Add other items to your list

You may want to add other things, such as 'Washing Up Liquid' to your shopping list. You can do this by adding 'Add Custom Item' at the top of the Edit Shopping List page.

Change the Start Date of the Plan

Some people prefer to start their plan on a different day of the week. Head to Settings > Edit Plan Setting in the top menu to change this.


You can view your macro breakdown for a day in your plan by clicking the day's name.

Share Planning/Shopping with a friend/partner

If you are doing the plan alongside a partner, it's best to create separate accounts for your individual needs. Once you have created a plan or a shopping list, you can share these simply clicking the Share button, and typing in your friend's email address. They will be notified and be able to import your plan, and merge your shopping with one of their own lists, making shopping for 2 a lot less time consuming!

Organise Your List with Tags

Use the tags feature to easily organise your recipes. From simple things such as 'Cycle One', 'Cycle Two', to more complex 'Freezable','Breakfast','Quick' etc.

Serving Sizes

Note that if your recipe serves more than 1, the plan will automatically reduce your ingredients in your shopping list to reflect the amount of portions used in the plan. If you wish to cook the recipe 'as is', ensure that you use the batch cooking feature, or place it in the plan the appropriate number of times.


Both the Planner and the Shopping List screens have been designed to print directly from your browser. The Planner prints best in landscape mode.